Fort Mountain Trail Winders News
Monday, April 30, 2018
Club Meeting - Pres
There is a regular club meeting this Thursday, May 3 at 7pm @ Land Dimensions on Rt4 in Epsom. We will be discussing summer grants and projects for trail improvements/maintenance.

AS A REMINDER...THERE ARE NO ATV TRAILS IN EPSOM. I have been receiving A LOT of Complaints this year about ATV usage of the snowmobile trail system. You need written landowner permission to ride on ANY parcel of land that is not owned by you. Please help us preserve the trail system that we have now and ride somewhere else!

Friday, March 30, 2018
Trails Closed - Pres
It is that time of year that we need to close the trails. The snow is gone and it's time for the next season to move in. Again thank you again to the landowners and the active club members for helping to maintain our trail system.


A reminder of the club annual meeting at Happy Family on Friday April 6th at 6pm. Annual business meeting followed my supper. We will elect officers for the upcoming season as well as a regular business meeting.

Thursday, March 22, 2018
Grooming has ended for the season - Pres
Sorry and Happy to say that Spring is close? Grooming is all done for the season. We enjoy the winter months and the joy that winter outdoor activities bring to a good many of us. Snowmobiling is a blast and hope you got to enjoy some of it around here.

We appreciate your support of the Fort Mountain Trailwinders. 100's of man-hours are spend each year in the off season to maintain the trails we have with cutting trees/brush, fixing bridges and adding new ones, grading out trails, etc. During the snow season we also spend many, many hours grooming, maintenance and repairing of the groomer, as well as removing trees/debris that has dropped into the trails.

I encourage anyone & everyone to become active in the club. We have a good time together, we usually get something done, and it is a great benefit to all. We encourage other trail users to join in on the fun and also become members. Our trails are open to X-country skiers, hikers, snowshoer's, and horseback riding. All the work the snowmobile club does benefits many other users for a greater percentage of the year. The club also receives some limited funding from the State for building materials and excavation. So why not do your part.


We look forward to next season and just remember just because there is no snow on the ground doesn't mean we don't have work to do.

As a reminder there are NO ATV TRAILS IN EPSOM.

Annual meeting April 6 at Happy Family @6pm.

Thank you for reading,

Bruce Blye Pres

Saturday, March 17, 2018
Trail Update 3/17 - Pres
360 has been groomed from the Suncook River "Donald Holmes Bridge" to Bear Brook State park. There are various water bars along the way on the Bear Brook end of the trail. We could fill in some but there is moving water and I guess it is what it is. It is passable but just use caution.

361 was groomed but was not groomed in the town forest toward Northwood. There is a lot of snow on the mountain and lots of water bars in areas. We had a tough time getting thru the snow with the machine but you can get up there and have some fun. We did not groom from mountain road to Northwood because we suspect unfavorable grooming conditions...we don't need to get it stuck or break it.

Kimball trail was groomed to the fields on Barton road.

The trail was groomed to Hilltop Pizza.

Have some fun but be cautious.

Friday, March 16, 2018
Winter is back... - Pres
Winter is back and Spring is around the corner with maybe another storm next week.

We have let the snow settle a bit and allowed sleds to pack the trails some. We will be out grooming with the machine this weekend. Remember that we are all volunteers and this is the first opportunity we have had to go out. A few active club members have cleared some downed trees ahead of us out toward Pittsfield so as to make our grooming job a bit easier. There are open water bars and DO NOT GO ON ANY BODY OF WATER.

If you are riding be sure to help the groomer operators by moving and/or cutting any debris in the trail if possible. We can get thru the trail easier and safer. Getting in and out of the groomer is tough on the operators since they get snowy and wet then cold.

Have fun, watch out for the groomer and ride with caution.