Fort Mountain Trail Winders News
Thursday, April 04, 2019
Reminder of annual meeting. We also have NO ATV TRAILS IN EPSOM - Pres
Well as you can tell by the weather snowmobiling in the southern 1/2 of the state is over. It was a tough winter for snowmobiling around here with the lack of decent and continuous snow to ride on but the work continues as we look to next season.

We will have our annual meeting once again at the Happy Family Restaurant in Epsom on Friday, April 5 at 6pm. There will be a brief summary of the past year and discussion on the upcoming season. It is also a time to elect officers for the upcoming term. Just because we had a bad snow year does not mean that the work does not continue. We will also continue to meet on the 1st Thursday of the month usually at a different place of which due notice will be given.

Stay tuned for more information, club outings, work parties and FUND RAISERS. Speaking of fund raisers, we are looking for someone to take charge of some fund raising activities. We do need some more individuals to help us out with trail work and fund raising. With the lack of snow and grooming money, and very limited grant funds from the has become very important for us to raise our own funds. CAN YOU HELP.

Thanks for reading and hope to see you...

Bruce Blye-Pres

Thursday, March 07, 2019
Grooming - Pres
We groomed 360 from rt4 to Bear Brook and 361 is groomed up on the mountain and town forest as well as the Northwood Lake trail. So everything South and East of Rt4 is done. A few hazards on rail bed at the Leighton Brook Bridge...frozen snow banks from a plow. Cut them down as best as possible.

We began to groom from Rt 4 360 to the Kimball Trail to points north and the Groomer went down Yesterday (Wednesday 3/6). Right now the groomer is on the side of the trail near the Ledges on the Range Road just south of Barton Rd. We are attempting to get it going again..SO WATCH FOR THE GROOMER AND DRAG!

Get out and ride because it probably will not last long!


Monday, March 04, 2019
Sled Dedication at Freedom Cycle - Pres
Steve Kiander is presenting his father with a restored 1973 Rupp this Wednesday evening, March 6th at 6:30-7pm at Freedom Cycle in Concord, NH.

Steve's father is a cancer survivor and what a great way for a son to show his love for his father than with a restored sled. The Kianders have been involved in snowmobiling for many years and have become active members in our club.

So come out and show some love and respect for our fellow snowmobilers. The ceremony in Wednesday but the sled will also be available for viewing the rest of the week.


Grooming and Upcoming meeting reminder - Pres
This is a reminder of our regular stated meeting this week on Thursday, March 7th at 7PM. The meeting will be held at Land Dimensions on Rt4 and you will be able to RIDE YOUR SLED TO THE MEETING FINALLY! You can access the Blye's/Land Dimensions from Bickfords field headed toward Hilltop Pizza. The trail will be groomed. We have elections coming anyone interested in a position please step up to the plate. I encourage people to come to the meeting and get involved in our sport which is so based on volunteers.

We have done a bit of grooming a week or so ago and we will be going out this week as best we can as well. The conditions are right with cold temps to hold the get out and enjoy while you still can. Please stay on the trail.

Hope to see you at the meeting...will post grooming updates this week.


Wednesday, February 06, 2019
Reminder of upcoming February meeting - Pres
Hi everyone..

I would like to invite and remind everyone of the Club meeting on Thursday Feb 7 at 7PM @ Land Dimensions on Rt4 in Epsom. Unfortunately there is not enough snow to ride into the meeting.

We have done quite a bit of work on the Groomer so it is ready to go. Although we don't have snow right now we still need to be prepared and have the trails ready for the snow when it does come. There is riding up north so you can still get out and ride.

I hope to see you at the meeting...come and support the club...snow or no snow will still need to have some fun and will be planning some social activities.